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Prepare and Your Family Will Thank You

Casey OConnell

Thanksgiving is upon us. While your paramount concerns most likely pertain to how to properly brine and bake your family's turkey, how to stop yourself from eating that third slice of pumpkin pie, and how to avoid discussing Aunt Beatrice's glass eye at the dinner table, take a moment to contemplate some big picture issues that may easily fall to the background during this busy time of year.

The holidays bring us closer to loved ones. The distant relatives we may not see throughout the year, the adult children who have families of their own, the parents who relocated to warmer weather when you went off to college. Despite your lack of interaction over the first eleven months of the year, the holiday season provides you the chance to catch up and be thankful for one another. The gratitude felt toward your closest family and friends is a motivating factor for you to consider executing or revising an estate plan. The consequences of failing to do so can leave your family members in a state of disarray and argument. The absence of a will, trust, and powers of attorney present too many opportunities for disputes to arise. All too often, estate planning attorneys encounter relentless bickering amongst family members regardless of the love they feel for one another. Money complicates and hinders what are otherwise healthy family relationships. You may think, "my family would never argue over my estate, we are too close," but it happens every day. 

Consequently, establishing a thoughtful estate plan will prevent needless family feuding. Define who you want to care for your financial estate and your healthcare if your are incapacitated, define who is to care for your minor children if you cannot, define your wishes regarding life-support, define what you want done with your remains, define to whom your property is to be devised at death and on what terms, protect your wealth, SIMPLY PLAN. The holidays are a hectic time of year and adding one more task may seem like an unnecessary burden. However, if you plan, after you pass away your family's future holidays will not be fractured factions of bad blood. Avoid the headaches, the costs, and the enmity often felt in estate disputes by planning for the inevitable. Your foresight will allow your family to focus on what's important: one another. Contact our firm to discuss your estate plan. Now go eat another piece of pie.